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Founded in 12/2013, Kymviet  is a small social business with handicraft products made by the disabled artisans. The business was found by people with physical disabilities. The idea of Kymviet started from the concerns of persons with long experience in supporting people with disabilities. Among the 5 founders, 3 persons are living with movement disability, they show strong understanding and deep empathy with disable persons for their desire of work and social integration. 


  1. To create job for disable persons with working capacity, enabling them to improve living standards and to integrate into the community

  2. To offer outstanding handmade products with good use, aesthetic value according to social demand.

  3. To introduce stories of humanities and Vietnam’s cultural values in each product, contributing to spread the traditional Vietnamese values around the country and internationally.


Kymviet offers vocational training, work opportunity in a small-scale production, and a suitable working environment to people with disabilities.

Kymviet is successful in providing regular employment and stable income for 5 deaf employees over the 1st year of operation, and recognized many potentials for business development and expansion.

“We are people with disabilities, but we don’t create products with disabilities, we have to live on our own products. If customers buy our products out of sympathy, they will only buy once and we will be out of business”.Mr. Le Viet Cuong, Kymviet’s Director.


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