About us


To create positive impact for our global society.

What do we really do?
  1. Help social enterprises and NGOs build brand, commercialize their products and services and grow their market share
  2. Invest 100% profits in education, health programs and microfinance back in the countries where the products are made
  3. Specialize in digital commerce, digital advertising and promotion


We dream that a decade from now, the world will achieve our 17 Global Goals. We dream that one day there will be more equality and no more poverty nor hunger in the world. We dream of a beautiful, sustainable Earth where differences are respected and celebrated. These dreams keep us awake at night and we want to offer a solution to bring you and people around the world together to making this dream comes true faster and easier. 

The rise of social enterprise, NGOs growing commercial arm, technology advancement and consumer's awareness give hope to make those dreams come true sooner. We take action to realize this hope and Purpose Plantation was found. We are here to connect you to the world’s social suppliers and to enable social entrepreneurs and change-makers thrive on their mission to create positive impact for the society, the environment and the culture.

The idea didn't take off overnight, Purpose Plantation was a conscious decision of our founder, Mary Nguyen who co-found an Australian charity and spent over 18 years helping marginalized people from South East Asia, in particular Vietnam breaking their family poverty cycle through access to education and healthcare. She believes in a powerful way for change to flourish by connecting the consumers around the world directly with the social suppliers of beautiful, functional products and world class services.

Every product you purchase and every service you engage will directly change people's lives and create powerful impact. How do we do it? We help social traders grow their business and we invest 100% of our profit in education, healthcare programs and microfinance in developing countries.

Welcome to our plantation and enjoy planting the good seeds.

Purpose Plantation